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This was several years ago in his mid-twenties.'Helen Cadman, Penzance pubwatch chairman and owner of the Sportsmans Arms in Heamoor, Penzance, said: 'He was put on the pubwatch scheme several times before but was put on it again in March 2010 for assaulting, punching a policeman outside a nightclub out of hours.

Owns a facililty Johnny Nash Indoor Arena 6200 Willardsville Rd, Rodeo and bmx bike fans know of it. I was the sometime tape op ( referred to as 'second engineer' these days).

Sitting at the computer immediately after hearing it my intention was to get a hold of my riends and share.

I completely disagree that this song about suicide...that's just retarded. There have been other (lesser) versions of this song, but what I especially love about THIS one is the amazing harmony all-in-one-breath vocals on the "Nothin' but blue skies" in the middle. Have a photo of Johnny and is wife from 2016 with a friend. This song, as a part of the original album, was recorded at AIR studios (studio 1), Oxford Street London W1 and mixed (studio3), by Jack Clegg (the v best engineer I ever worked with) with some involvement by John Middleton (see ELO).I sat up many nights playing the master tapes wondering how on earth Jack got such clarity and depth into the sound. This song was a big hit when I was a kid, and I have to admit that we debated endlessly on it's meaning.One of his Top 100 records was with Paul Anka and George Hamilton IV, "The Teen Commandments", it peaked at #29 in 1958... will celebrate his 75th birthday come next August 19th .Upon awakening this morning the dots all connected for me.

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  1. It’s a chance for him to get out there and meet his fans, and accept their hugs and their fan art and their homemade baklava, and sign whatever they put in front of him, and repay some of the love-hours they’ve put into his work over the years.